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A Pattern Language

Explanation of how Risk-First comprises a pattern language of risk patterns for use in software projects.

Agency Risk

People all have their own agendas. What do you do about that?

Boundary Risk

On avoiding mistakes that limit your options later on.

Complexity Risk

A lot of advice around constructing software comes back to simplicity. Why?

Coordination Risk

What prevents us working as a team? Why are distributed systems so hard?

Deadline Risk

What is the point of a deadline? Do they serve a useful purpose?

Dependency Risk

Risks faced by depending on something else, e.g. an event, process, person, piece of software or an organisation.

Feature Risk

Risks you face when providing features for your clients.

Map And Territory Risk

Risks due to the differences between reality and the internal model of reality, and the assumption that they are equivalent.

Operational Risk

Risks of losses or reputational damage caused by failing processes or real-world events.

Process Risk

Risks due to the following a particular protocol of communication with a dependency, which may not work out the way we want.

Scarcity Risk

Scarcity Risk is about quantities of a dependency, and specifically, not having enough.