The Menagerie

The software development world is crowded with different practices, metrics, methodologies, tools and techniques. But what unites them all?

Volume one of the Risk-First series argues the case for viewing all of the activities on a software project through the lens of managing risk. It introduces the menagerie of different risks you’re likely to meet on a software project, naming and classifying them so that we can try to understand them better.

Risk-First Software Development: Volume 1, The Menagerie

The book aims to develop a Pattern Language for understanding software risk, and develop a practical framework for discussing how the activities we take on a project change the balance of the risks we are exposed to.

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Quick Summary

Part 1: Introduction

Some easy-to-digest ideas that will set the scene for examining the practices later.

Part 2: The Risk Landscape

Risks are often very similar across different software projects. And, if you know about them, you can look for them. This section attempts to break them down for you:


What’s Next?

Look forward to Risk-First Software Development Volume 2: Tools & Practices in 2020…

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