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Welcome to Risk First

The software development world is crowded with different practices, metrics, methodologies, tools and techniques.

For example, metrics such as “number of open tickets”, “code coverage” or “release cadence” give us a numerical feel for how things are going, and methodologies such as Scrum, Waterfall and Lean give us different approaches to organising.

But what unites them all?

About Risk-First

The Risk-First perspective is that all of these practices and methodologies have at their heart the job of managing different risks. Risk isn’t something that just appears in a report, it actually drives everything we do:

Risk-First makes the case that better understanding the nature of these risks is critical to building software in the complex, interconnected domain we work in.

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About The Menagerie

This book is volume one of the Risk-First series, introducing the case for viewing all of the activities on a software project as attempting to managing risk. It introduces the menagerie of different risks you’re likely to meet on a software project, naming and classifying them so that we can try to understand them better.

The book aims to develop a Pattern Language for understanding software risk, and develop a practical framework for discussing how the activities we take on a project change the balance of the risks we are exposed to.

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