InfoQ Article

Article Published On Risk-First at InfoQ By Ben Linders.

Consuming Hacker News

A New Way to Consume Hacker News?

Twitter Cards

How to create Twitter/LinkedIn cards for Posts.

Next - Scrum?

Where to head next on developing Risk-First

Available On Amazon

Risk-First Volume 1 Available to Buy

New Proof

New Proof of Risk-First- The Menagerie.

Recent Articles

A Pattern Language

Explanation of how Risk-First comprises a pattern language of risk patterns for use in software projects.

All About Risk

Argument that software development is all about risk, as originally made by Kent Beck.


Risk-First is for software development teams, including software developers, managers, testers and technical leads.


List of Risk-First authors


List of contributors for the Risk-First wiki and other materials.

Glossary of Terms

List of terms used to discuss risks on Risk-First.

Silver Bullets

A critique of Fred Brooks' 1975 essay on improvements to software engineering.