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Timed Thinking

A handy approach for getting serious thinking done, despite the distractions of the modern world.

The Agile Onion

Light-hearted presentation for Deutsche Bank on Risk First and Agile, June 2019.


Examination of the Post-Agile Movement

InfoQ Article

Article Published On Risk-First at InfoQ By Ben Linders.

Coding Bets

How Coding, Investing and Gambling are similar undertakings.

Consuming Hacker News

A New Way to Consume Hacker News?

The Purpose of the Development Team

Making sense of contradictory objectives with the "Balance of Risk"

Twitter Cards

How to create Twitter/LinkedIn cards for Posts.

Next - Scrum?

Where to head next on developing Risk-First

Available On Amazon

Risk-First Volume 1 Available to Buy

New Proof

New Proof of Risk-First- The Menagerie.

One Size Fits No-One

Explanation of why there can't be a perfect software methodology.