Recent Articles

On Story Points

Part of the 'Estimating' Risk-First Track, about improving estimates using risk checklists.

Risk-First Analysis

Part of the 'Estimating' Risk-First Track, looking at an alternative to Scrum's Planning Poker

COVID, Agile, ChatOps

How COVID has come for Agile Practices, and how Chat Bots offer us a way forwards.

All In On Open Source

Talk given to Colchester Digital about Open Source

Betting On RPA

Looking at varieties of RPA as an escape from Information Sytsem incompatibility.

Debugging Bets

Making use of risk and odds while debugging

The Agile Onion

Light-hearted presentation for Deutsche Bank on Risk First and Agile, June 2019.

Coding Bets

How Coding, Investing and Gambling are similar undertakings.

The Purpose of the Development Team

Making sense of contradictory objectives with the "Balance of Risk"

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Rob Moffat
Rob Moffat Author of Risk-First Software Development. Developer. Working in the UK.