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Working on Risk-First has been really encouraging! Although this is kind of an "undiscovered gem" lots of people really appreciate what I am trying to do here.

I would rather let the work speak for itself so I'll keep this brief. Here are some highlights.

On Amazon

To begin with Risk-First started out as a project to self-publish a book so I was really pleased when I started to get good reviews on Amazon.

I'm always surprised when people order the book because I'm very up-front about the fact that all the content is available free on this site!

Amazon 5-Star Rating

Amazon 5-Star Review 1

Amazon 5-Star Review 2


Somehow people find this project on GitHub and they 'star' it, often then joining the Risk-First team!

The Risk-First team is a place on GitHub for announcing and discussing the articles.

This image is from January 2022. New people find the project all the time.

GitHub Stars

GitHub Team


For several results, Risk-First is now the authority (i.e. first result) on that topic.

Google Search for Complexity Risk

Google Search for Feature Risk

People Finding Risk-First via Google

On LinkedIn

Although not my day-job, Risk-First does seem to generate leads and work opportunities... Or at the very least dinner invites!

" Hi Rob ... My colleagues and I are interested in learning more about your work on Risk-first software development, and we wondered if you would be interested to speak about that at our conference if you are available at the time? "


"... I found the book by way of Hacker News, and was amazed to see there's a whole book about the ideas I've been playing with recently! You've probably saved me a couple years worth of learning the hard way, so thanks! ... Anyway, I noticed you're in the UK and I'm flying over to spend some time in our London office next week, so if you have the time and inclination I'd love to buy you lunch, coffee or beers and hear your thoughts on "real world" software development." - George B.


OK, enough for now, I need to go code!