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The Menagerie

The software development world is crowded with different practices, metrics, methodologies, tools and techniques. But what unites them all?

Volume one of the Risk-First series argues the case for viewing all of the activities on a software project through the lens of managing risk. It introduces the menagerie of different risks you're likely to meet on a software project, naming and classifying them so that we can try to understand them better.

Risk-First Software Development: Volume 1, The Menagerie

The book aims to develop a Pattern Language for understanding software risk, and develop a practical framework for discussing how the activities we take on a project change the balance of the risks we are exposed to.

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"The Menagerie" contains all of the Overview, Thinking Risk-First and Risks tracks from the Risk-First website, so you can read all the material on-line here if you want to.