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SWOT Cost-Benefit Analysis (reframe as risk analysis) Decision Making - Vroom and Yetton Brainstorming 4-matrix / boston box theory of constraints pestle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Program_evaluation_and_review_technique

-> IMproving your internal model -> Coming to a decision -> Checking it, somehow

Critical Chain

So managing Schedule Risk due to Student Syndrome is very important. Goldratt’s Critical Chain addresses exactly this concern. Briefly, the idea of this is:

1. Identify the system constraint

  1. Exploit the system constraint.

  2. Subordinate everything else to the system constraint.

  3. Elevate the system constraint, and

  4. If, in the previous step, a new constraint has been uncovered, repeat the process. Do not let inertia become the system constraint.

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