Emotional Software Development

If you are reading this, then you’re probably a software developer. Hopefully, you see value in doing software development. Certainly, at the time of writing, as “software is eating the world”. Also, Google, Apple and Microsoft are some of the largest companies in existence, so it seems fair to say that the markets also value software development.

But value isn’t the whole story. Thinking Risk-First was all about trying to re-frame value via the concept of risk: value is never a given, we never know exactly how much value we’re going to get from doing a task, so there is always risk.

In this part of Risk-First, we’re going to make the bold claim that value itself is actually based entirely on emotion.


The main take aways from this track are:

  1. An appreciation that emotion underpins all work. A tour through psychology and economics in order to explore the meaning of work, value and the human organism.

  2. How the Economy manages human emotion. Building an understanding of how businesses are built around our emotional drives, and how this applies to the software economy.

  3. A model for emotional software development A practical tool for considering emotion in software development to help you build the right things.

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Rob Moffat
Rob Moffat Author of Risk-First Software Development. Developer. Working in the UK.